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Leo people brim with a lot of confidence. Courage, ambition, passion and loyalty are some of the virtues that define any Leo. In matters of love, Leo likes to take an upper hand and keep in control their emotions. The self-regulating and domineering streak in them often makes them a possessive partner. The deeper side of life beckons in Early in the year you toy with your love interests, basking in their attention and semi-earnest bids for your heart. As the year progresses, however, Saturn will move more insistently into Scorpio and Jupiter will get cozied up in Cancer, making your appetite for variety fade. That means lots of wild sex and feeling so incredibly in love with someone.

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May Taurus horoscope prediction: You will find yourself having a rethink about what it is you want this month, have patience while The Sun is in Taurus and all will come clear to you. If this is to take your relationship to the ultimate level, then surely the annular eclipse in Taurus on May 10th is the ideal point to make your feelings known.

Don’t be taken in with the close proximity of Venus and Mars by false promises from members of the opposite sex.

Scorpio – the scorpion sign love match. The Scorpio Love Horoscope with details of love compatibility and matches. Horoscopes for love stars, personality, romance and marriage.

Aries March April 19 February Monthly Horoscope Your friends may be planning a great surprise for someone very special in your life. In fact, it may actually be you that needs that kind of accolades and you definitely deserve them. Especially given the interesting and somewhat powerful and austere energies coming from your 10th house of reputation and career. Thing is, this can idicate you are extremely good at your job. And this makes a lot of people with power nervous if you aren’t espousing the rhetoric they are selling.

People in power uncomfortable with those that don’t drink the kool-aide. Young people reading this This has been going on for eons. You have the ability to extricate yourself from any situation you need to and find a better position in a matter of hours. Even if you can’t, you will be given a huge number of “points” from the Universe that can help you later on in other ways.

This is a month that reminds me of love. Even if it is just a marketing ploy. For you, you have a hidden love. Or one that is perhaps lost to you.

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Date of Birth The Libra male always pays attention to his date and treats the well, so their date rarely feels unattended to. When the Libra man gets into bed with his partner he will try to make the sexual experience memorable. Although, he does have this bad habit of seeming like he is daydreaming or like he is somewhere else.

This can annoy some of his partners, but he is very accommodating so if his partner makes a request in bed he will do his best to fulfill it. How To Date A Libra Woman If you are tired of having your romances filled with drama, then dating a Libra woman might be great for you!

The horoscopes are furthermore used for miscellaneous additional purposes like soulmate search, dating, arranged marriages, compatibilities, relationship peace, etc. You can always refer a famed astrologer in decree to achieve a professional astrology chart designed by him or her.

Your strengths are that you are loyal, Passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic. The Sun enters the Sign on October 24th approximately and leaves on November 23rd. The Greeks, however, named it after the scorpion that killed the giant Orion. The legend goes that Orion boasted there was no creature so mighty he could not conquer it, on which Juno sent a small scorpion to sting him in the foot, and from that sting he died, As a reward the scorpion was placed among the Constellations, but so also was Orion with his faithful dog, Sirius.

The Constellation of Orion and the brilliant star, Sirius, which follows it, are among the most beautiful and easily identified objects in the Heavens. Few weak characters are born under this Sign. Scorpio people are those described as good friends but bad enemies, they pay their debts, generally with interest. The gift of healing is theirs, since healing has been connected with the wisdom of the serpent from the earliest ages, As public speakers they have the power of swaying their listeners with magnetic force; as reformers they are heart and soul with the Cause for which they work; as authors they will write books with a deep and earnest purpose; and they succeed in any form of teaching because they are more fitted to lead than to follow.

Any form of electricity or chemistry will offer a calling in which they should do well. To rise in the world it is necessary they should have the incentive of working for others, failing which the worst side of the Scorpio nature will be in evidence, and much that has been written will be negative. Like sleeping serpents the passions of jealousy and revenge lie latent in the hearts of all Scorpio people, ready to wake to dangerous life unless kept under control.

Being one of the Watery Signs, its people are attracted to water, but generally prefer the rivers to the sea.

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Female Weekly Horoscope starting 16 November This week, conquering a long-standing fear requires you to summon the courage to face it or at least accept that it exists. You also look set to discover that you’re not as alone or unsupported as you thought you were. As you learn something valuable about yourself and experience a minor but significant victory, you could be spurred on to wonder what else might be possible. A brave step you’ve been considering for some time might demand to be taken.

Allow coming events to help you to summon the courage to take it. Monthly Horoscope for November Chaos and upheaval you experienced on the career front in recent years until May could return from this month until March

The What’s Your Sign Relationship & Dating Horoscope Journal [Astrid Sommer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This journal is a unique, fun way for you to track and profile the romances in your life according to peoples horoscope signs. Use the notebook-style system to categorize people under their sign. Featuring over linedAuthor: Astrid Sommer.

Get your free Chinese zodiac predictions instantly. Know what the future has in store for you. This lunar New Year starts from February 16th and ends on February 4th Find out how you will fare in this Dog year when it comes to love, luck, relationships, finance, money, jobs and health. Rat Horoscope is a year when the Rats should concentrate on fulfilling their hobbies and desires. Be ready for changes and opportunities that might come knocking on your door.

You will be interested in new relationships and love partners. Work will be hectic and you need to develop your creativity in order to be on the on the top. Budgeting for the future is a good idea. And do not forget to spend time with your loved ones.

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A Virgo must be cautious because their horoscope says that a relationship will be lacking in commitment this month. While a developing love interest or relationship takes time to mature, the money situation of a Virgo may change drastically. While a Virgo will be very active socially, any pregnancy related matters will be put on the back burner.

Mercury in Cancer has turned Retrograde until July 20, , which is posted in your Weekly Horoscope. I’m still on that major writing binge for the next several weeks (through mid-July), which is a series of e-Books on Astrology.

Areas of Expansion in for Sagittarius: Partnerships, Self-Knowledge, Intimacy, Finances Your Sagittarius Horoscope points to areas of life that are destined to expand and grow. Until June 25, , your partnerships, relating abilities, and powers of negotiation continue to grow and expand. New partnership opportunities yes, even plural can arrive now, or the chance to bring fresh energy to an existing committed relationship emerges.

Relationships entered into now are generally successful and happy — they seem, at least for the time being, to be mutually beneficial. Meeting someone better for you may be a reason for this. Your ability to get along with others is enhanced as you are especially willing to compromise, and you are more appealing than usual. This influence began last June, but may have been dormant in the last quarter of The desire to improve and grow through your relationships resumes at full speed in February You can negotiate more successfully than ever, and, if applicable, win in legal matters.

Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can be settled as well.

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Subgroups[ edit ] Scholars categorize the genre of chronicle into two subgroups: A dead chronicle is one where the author gathers his list of events up to the time of his writing, but does not record further events as they occur. A live chronicle is where one or more authors add to a chronicle in a regular fashion, recording contemporary events shortly after they occur. Because of the immediacy of the information, historians tend to value live chronicles, such as annals , over dead ones.

The term often refers to a book written by a chronicler in the Middle Ages describing historical events in a country, or the lives of a nobleman or a clergyman, although it is also applied to a record of public events.

Chance The Rapper is a 25 year old American Rapper born on 16th April, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His zodiac sign is Aries His zodiac sign is Aries Chance The Rapper is a member of the following lists: Rappers from Chicago, African-American male rappers and Alternative hip hop musicians.

This could be a year of extremes for Cancer, and only time will tell what sort of extremes occur. Either massive life transformation will happen smoothly, and it will feel like everything is falling into place just as it is supposed to, or things will feel as though they are falling to pieces with intense confusion. A wise Cancer once told me that the best way to treat emotions is like they’re weather.

If you know it’s raining outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you need to do. You just have to wear a rain jacket. If it’s a hundred degrees, don’t go outside in a wool parka. Always know that whatever it is, it will pass! Intensity creates emotional undercurrents, and these emotions will determine how the extremes that the year brings affect you. So reading or intuiting the cosmic weather reports will help you through, Cancer!

Cancer in a Relationship Forecast Yearly Horoscope The relationship that doesn’t grow and change as you grow and change is likely to be a relationship that will not last. Cancer, if you’ve been stuck in a rut within your relationship, the year is the time that the tectonic plates start to shift. We encourage you to change up routines, take a step forward, take a step backward and consider how you want your love relationship to support you through the intensities in your life.

These intensities won’t necessarily be in the relationship, though any changes will add up in your emotional field.

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You may feel drained but you keep moving forward. Mars entering your fifth house of love, children, relationship, sports and recreational activities on February 1st. The next seven weeks will bring a time for you to find love, fall in love and spend time with children. You have so many opportunities this month to find love and fall in love.

Go deep and uncover mysteries of your soul with your Vedic horoscope! Astrology Astrology. Right Now Love & Sex Work & Money Cosmic Calendar Astrology Calendar All Articles. Love Zodiac Woman Zodiac Man Love compatibility. Self Astrology .

Love is going to be a very big factor and will be following people with this sign. A person who is an Aries will be able to draw in their romantic partners with their personal charm. Not only will the marital life include highly passionate sex but this can lead to a pregnancy. For an Aries that is a single man or woman, there will be high chances of marriage after September 6th. There will be a lot of time spent socializing and going to parties.

Aries people tend to seek perfection in their lover, so choices for having a relationship and dating might be limited.

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Money Here, there and everywhere! With the Sun in Scorpio and your social third house, you’re a multitasking maven and a whirling dervish of energy. Your calendar will be packed to the seams with events, meetings, parties and more.

LONDON, March 19, /PRNewswire/ Online dating has seen an explosion of interest in recent years and one of the ways the industry has changed to accommodate this attention from internet.

Thursday, October 17, , But, it’s true that reality is sometimes different from our expectations. Don’t worry if you are one among those women who is trying to date a workaholic man. Love has no place and time. It will give you surprises and excitements at anytime and anywhere. If you allow your man to continue as a workaholic, beware, you are deciding to miss many wonderful moments that may happen in wrong hours.

So, prepare yourself to deal with a workaholic man, so that you can enjoy your love with all its meaning. If you are planning to date a person who wakes up thinking of his office table and ends up with business dinner, it’s time for you to think of some tips. Here are some easy and effective tips for dating a workaholic man. Before thinking of any other tips for dating a workaholic man, you should make sure whether your man is workaholic or not. Being dedicated to work doesn’t mean that your man is workaholic.

Workaholics are those who are not thinking of anything other than work.

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Take the time to talk things through with your partner and make sure to be clear about your wishes in order to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. Talk about it all before the day ends. If you clear the air you will find your partner is very receptive to you. To talk to our love and relationship astrologers and tarot readers – click here Today you will need to spend some time revising who you think you are looking for in a partner if you are still single. You have been choosing all the wrong people lately and they have left you heartbroken.

Look for that person who makes you happy, not the one who comes in like a whirlwind and leaves your head spinning.

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Along with being foresighted, you live in the present and are extremely hopeful and positive. Though you can be a bit unsteady, still you cannot see others being disrespected. You are by nature satisfied with what you have. Family Horoscope Astrology predicts that this is not a great year for your family. So, it is important you remain extremely careful in matters related to family. Some members in the family might behave in an unfavorable manner as indicated by the predictions of horoscope.

In fact, your family members and friends might go back on their commitments and words. Because of this you might be stressed about family issues leading to insecurities. You are advised to keep a check on some aspects of your behavior. Otherwise there might be discord home. Health Horoscope Horoscope predicts that this is not a great year in terms of health issues.

Try and avoid neglecting your health. Forecast made by astrology horoscope mentions that the placement of Rahu and Shani in the first house gives you physical pain.

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