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In my last post I took a look at Kanji Tatsumi, one of the main characters in the video game Persona 4: To review, Persona 4: Golden is a game for the PlayStation Vita where the goal is to solve the mystery behind a series of murders in the small town of Inaba, Japan. When characters in the game are thrown into an alternate, dangerous world inside of the television their innermost fears and worries are personified in the form of their Shadow, which needs to be overcome in a difficult boss battle. He begs for acceptance, and the real Kanji concludes that he is not gay, but actually a straight man who is so afraid of rejection that he convinced himself that he is into men. This post will be dedicated to Naoto Shirogane Nah-oh-toh , another party member.

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Create New Many Heartwarming Moments. Especially the True Ending. Pretty much any post-Shadow scene has some of this, with the characters both accepting themselves and being accepted by the Investigation Team. The final scene for any of the Social Links easily qualifies.

I have never seen anyone show some like or made stories of all the characters in persona 4.I decided to make one myself and make it readers insert. I want to make it even fair for the guys and girls so I’m doing both gender characters in the game and anime.

Yes, their slogan really is, “Life is short, have an affair. Biderman’s business card really is fashioned like an upscale hotel key. All outrageousness aside, one would assume that Biderman is an instant hero to sneaky married men and Public Enemy No. The bold broker of lust and I sat down for a chat recently and Biderman disclosed that his entire business strategy has been to lure married women to the other side of fidelity. You can insert your shock and awe face right here, folks.

Briefly, what is the origin of the name, Ashley Madison? Everything we did from inception was to make women feel comfortable; the two most popular names that were out in , when we developed the concept, were Ashley and Madison. The women named their children that, so they must have some kind of affinity for those names.

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A scene in Golden has the two of them sharing an Umbrella of Togetherness. The trope has explicit romantic connotations, but this is the very same scene where Kanji gets very flustered over the idea of doing the same thing with Naoto, his long-time crush, and says that they “would be just like a couple” if they did so You have way too many chances to hit on him, more than some girls actually.

During the school festival, if you sit in the men’s table, Yosuke has to sit besides the girls, so Yosuke asks “If you could date one of us, who would it be? He blushes Yeah, I know. Seriously, the game just gave you the freedom to choose the Gay Option.

Part December 23 – December A He-Man Woman Hater’s Christmas If you max Magician and Emperor, clear the Magatsu Mandala on December 22 or earlier, and don’t have any anime girlfriends–or turn down their invitations–then you’ll get one last message.

Guess what — she does the same thing. To snag her attention, your photos need to stand out. Put a rose in your mouth, Bachelor-style. Get someone on Fiverr. Strong online dating photos have these three qualities in common: They show you looking your very best. Attractive women have their pick of the men on pretty much any online dating site. So why would you lead with terrible photos?

She wants to know more about you. The harsh artificial light highlights your flaws and casts harsh shadows on your face, neither of which is attractive. Natural light is universally flattering, so taking pictures outside is a great idea.


This is packed full of features and is the “definitive” version to get. Unlike Persona 3 on PSP, this game doesn’t cut out cutscenes pun intended. For those unfamiliar with Shin Megami Tensei, I’ve noticed an overall theme of collecting mythical creatures, spirits, gods, demons, etc. The game can be divided primarily into three gameplay styles. Lengthy dialogue scenes some with voice acting, most without.

Welcome; this is a project I wasn’t really going to release but ended up releasing due to request. This was initially a project just for myself because the Persona 4 Golden undub that is floating around right now is pretty fucking terrible stray english voices, subtitles way off timing, no typesetting, typos, mistranslated the list goes on.

A lot or a little? The parents’ guide to what’s in this game. Educational Value Persona 4 Golden wasn’t created with educational intent, and we don’t recommend it for learning. Positive Messages This game’s story centers around a high school student who finds himself in the middle of an intense murder mystery. Rather than turn a blind eye, he finds the courage to get to the bottom of the mystery and help restore peace to his rural town.

Players are also encouraged to make friends in the game. Doing so allows them to create “social links,” which can unlock bonuses and secrets within the game. Characters frequently engage in combat, but this is only because it is necessary in order to get rid of the evil creatures. Violence is not glorified. They understand the value of working together, and have a focus on the greater good rather than individual greed. However, they use a lot of violence.

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Some crafting items do not actually have valid enemies from which to drop. Selling these items to Daidara do not yield any new shop items, and they all have a value of 0 unless otherwise specified. Coward’s Orb – Part of Cowardly Maya.

Shichiri Beach (七里海岸, Shichiri-kaigan)? is a location in Persona 4 Golden. It is a beach located a distance from Inaba that can only be reached with a scooter. The beach serves as the primary location for Quest The Shichiri Beach Guardian and a cutscene involving the Investigation Team.

He enjoys philosophy, archery, target shooting, learning new languages, globe-trotting and the company of non-hypocritical, feminine women. There are certain signs that must be kept in mind to identify such women. Essentially, they prostitute themselves to their husbands, boyfriends or lovers for a period of time, as long as these men can afford them. So here are the signs you must observe for: This woman can easily be seduced with offers of money, and sometimes even asks for it.

She never refuses offers of cash gifts. Money will open her legs and give her gina tingles faster than game. She rates men on their income, social status and influence disregarding character , and has guy friends who are all above her in status. A little attention from such men is enough for her to pull down her panties for them. She berates and criticizes women who date men below them in social and economic status. Stupid and foolish bitches, who fall in love and date cheap customers.

She immediately warms up to you and emits coy sexual vibes, once she learns of your well-to-do background.

Persona 4 Golden

Buy ‘ Let me state one thing up front: As its story has progressed over the course of a school year, I’ve formed a much closer connection to its cast of high school students than I have to the characters in most games. It has repeatedly made me laugh out loud, sometimes made my pulse race, and occasionally moved me, as its heroes have formed happy memories together and faced great challenges together.

Compared to previous generations, the rate of casual dating has ballooned among adults over 50, who now account for 1 in 4 divorces since (Brown & Lin, ).

In , I wrote a review for the latest chapter in Atlus? This is going to be impossible. In the interest of time? Instead of telling you specifics about its features or gameplay elements or tangible details, allow me to explain what made the game special. Persona 4 was the follow-up to the utterly impressive Persona 3, a game that revived a classic side series to Atlus?

Shin Megami Tensei brand. Persona 3 emerged as a breath of fresh air in the world of Japanese RPGs, and initially I worried that Persona 4 might be walking too closely in its footsteps. The secret to Persona 4 was that it understood something so many games don?

[HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden – Summer Festival Date: Rise

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